This Week's Activations

Fresh games, new tools and improving processes
every single week...

  • 1

    Start Here

    • Welcome to the Magic Music Machine!

    • STEP 1: Register for the next session!

    • STEP 2: Join Your Team on Slack

    • STEP 3: Your Machine Tracking App [NEW UPDATE: Nov 21st 2022]

    • STEP 4: Create The Music Machine Folders

    • OPTIONAL: Watch this Overview of Magic Music Machine

  • 2

    Join the MMM Live Session

    • Register for the next session here! (Do this weekly)

    • Join the next Magic Music Machine session here (11th/12th Dec)

    • Missed a Live Session? Catch the Live Playback

  • 3

    This Week's Upgrades and Announcements

    • 22.12.05 Welcome & Free Write

  • 4

    L1 Set Up to Splurge

    • Express YourSELF

    • Express YourSELF Playbook (click icon top right for hi-res download)

    • Express YourSELF WPO

    • BEFORE SPLURGING: Set Up Your Unique Instrument

    • AFTER SPLURGING: How to Add Splurges to Trello

    • The Listening Error

    • How to Direct Listen

    • Change Your Life With T.I.C.K.

    • The Random Inspiration Finder (use this to get videos for your Splurges)

  • 5

    L2 Discover Freedom

    • Surprising eMotions

    • Surprising eMotions Playbook (click icon top right for hi-res download)

    • Step 1: What Is Discovery? A Simple Explanation...

    • Step 2: How to Process Splurges

    • Step 3: Process Splurges in Trello

    • Step 4: Take Aim With Machine Targeting

    • The Artificial Inspiration Machine (use this to get A.I. Art videos)

  • 6

    L3 Draft With Purpose

    • Show Me The Money

    • Show Me The Money Playbook (click icon top right for hi-res download)

    • Show Me The Money WPO

  • 7

    L4 Into the Done Space

    • Into the Atmosphere

    • Into The Atmosphere Playbook (click icon top right for hi-res download)

    • Into the Atmosphere WPOs

    • Answer these simple questions to make the Release Decision...

    • What is "Done" in the Music Machine?

    • How to Know a Piece is DONE

  • 8

    L5 Sweet Release

    • Paths to Better Music

    • Paths to Better Music (click icon top right for hi-res download)

  • 9

    The Mike Drop

    • Important and Impactful to Urgent and Certain (Expires 12th Dec)

    • Ask Me Anything! (Expires 19th Dec)

  • 10

    Support & Cancelling

    • Need help? (Billing, questions, etc.)

    • Hear someone struggling to finish quality music?