Course curriculum

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    • The Momentum Monday MasterPlanner V1.0 (DOWNLOAD THIS NOW)

  • 2

    This Week's Session...

    • Same time, same place!

  • 3

    Next Steps (After the Session)...

    • The Lens ("Minimize" Up Now.)

    • Where's The Magic?

    • P.A.T.H.S. Process V0.2

  • 4

    How to Build a Secure & Stable Business with the Music You Make

    • What is "The Magnet Model"?

    • The Bomb

    • The Magnet

    • How I got the number ONE album on Beatport...

    • How Claude VonStroke Finished His Latest Album Using the Automatic Music Machine & Released It Using The Magnet Model

  • 5

    How We Could Work More Closely Together

    • There are 3 main Make Music Your Life Programs...

  • 6

    Further Reading...

    • Here's some of the books we mention through the sessions...